Aqua Dongle

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    Aqua Dongle

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    Zte Android
    [Edl Mode Features]
    – Auto / Manual Detection for Over 150 Zte Models
    -Full Device Boot Info+Props
    -Remove Frp Lock
    -Factory Reset (Auto Recovery)
    -Factory Reset (Full Patch)
    -Network Repair (old Stucture)
    -Reset Screenlocks (Autp Detect Crypto Type)
    -Remove Pattern,Pin,Password,Gesture Keys
    -Disable Screenlock Security (For Latest Builds)
    -Enable Screenlock Security (For Latest Builds)
    -Read Pattern Lock Sequence (Non Encrypted Devices)
    -Backup/Restore/Reset Security Partitions
    -Write Factory Firmware
    -Read Factory Partitions

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